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Fire Hose Company in Fort Smith, AR

Whether you are in need of highly durable fire hose or a specific fire hose nozzle, we have you covered. 
We carry a variety of fire hose and supporting accessories to meet your needs.
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Single Jacket Fire Hose

We offer premium quality, lightweight fire hose that is engineered to resist abrasion and chemicals. They are ideal for fire brigades and fire departments. 

The following single jacket fire hoses are available:
• 50’ White 1” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 50’ White 2” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 50’ White 2.5” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 50’ White 3” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 50’ White 4” Mill Hose (MD-250)

• 100’ White 1” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 100’ White 1.5” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 100’ White 2” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 100’ White 2.5” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 100’ White 3” Mill Hose (MD-250)
• 100’ White 4” Mill Hose (MD-250)

• 500 lb. White Single Jacket Fire Hose (AP-500)
• 500 lb. White Single Jacket Rack Hose (TF-500FM)
• 600 lb. MSHA Approved Fire Hose (MSHA6)
Rubber Coated Fire Hose

We offer rubber coated, through-the-weave extrusion fire hose. This design consists of a single fabric jacket that is lined and coated with a rubber to produce a lighter-weight hose that is primarily used for large-diameter supply hoses. 

The following lengths and diameters are available: 
• 500 lb. 1.5” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-500)
• 500 lb. 2” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-500)
• 500 lb. 2.5” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-500)

• 600 lb. 1” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-600)
• 600 lb. 1.5” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-600)
• 600 lb. 2” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-600)
• 600 lb. 2.5” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-600)
• 600 lb. 3” Rubber Covered Fire Hose (TH-600)

• 4” Rubber Covered Supply Hose (TH-Supply)
• 5” Rubber Covered Supply Hose (TH-Supply)
• 6” Rubber Covered Supply Hose (TH-Supply)
Double Jacket Fire Hose

800 lb. Tested (AP-800D)
Double jacket construction includes two closely woven hose jackets for extra durability, giving the hosing the ability to withstand higher pressures. The jackets are matched to assure a precise fit to meet hydrostatic testing for heavy duty use. 

We provide custom made hosing to fit the needs of your rigs and to meet your department’s municipal requirements. These hoses are designed to pump copious amounts of water at high pressures. The following lengths and diameters are available: 

• 50’ Red 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Red 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Red 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Red 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Red 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)

• 75’ Red 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Red 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Red 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Red 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Red 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)

• 100’ Red 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Red 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Red 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Red 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Red 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Yellow 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Yellow 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Yellow 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Yellow 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ Yellow 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)

• 75’ Yellow 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Yellow 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Yellow 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Yellow 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ Yellow 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)

• 100’ Yellow 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Yellow 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Yellow 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Yellow 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ Yellow 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ White 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ White 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ White 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ White 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 50’ White 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)

• 75’ White 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ White 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ White 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ White 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 75’ White 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)

• 100’ White 1.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ White 1.75” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ White 2” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ White 2.5” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)
• 100’ White 3” Fire Hose (AP-800-D)


Portable Water Pumps
5 Gallon Collapsible Vinyl Indian Fire Pump (500-F SV): This collapsible portable water pump is constructed of vinyl with polyester fabric. The waterproof bag’s flexible construction conforms to the shape of the back and may be stored wet or dry. 

Units have shoulder straps and carrying handles, designed to meet military specifications, and come standard with quick connect brass fittings and oil proof 44” hosing. This pump is proven to be easy and comfortable to operate.  

Stainless steel valve and precision cored brass twin nozzle pumps are rust-proof, engineered to provide positive shutoff at any stroke position. 

8 Gallon Collapsible Vest Style Vinyl Indian Fire Pump (VT-100): This collapsible unit is a portable fire pump that is worn as a vest, ergonomically designed to evenly distribute water weight around the torso to minimize physical strain and fatigue. 

The vest is constructed of durable urethane coated nylon that is engineered for an extended service life and to fold flat for easy storage. It comes standard with a large 4” fill port with a strainer, and its high-volume pump directs a stream of water more than 35 feet. The 8 gallon vest is ideal for use in areas that are not easily accessible to large apparatuses. 

5 Gallon Indian Fire Pump (Poly Indian Pump, 500FER): This full-service unit is designed to diminish operator fatigue with its removable shoulder strap and convenient handle. The UV-resistant polyethylene tank is corrosion-resistant and is fabricated from two seamless brass cylinders with a guide brushing the inner cylinder, allowing for bind-free operation. The pump has a large 4” filler opening with a drop-in filter screen which allows for easy filling and cleaning. 

The pump unit features a combination nozzle with straight stream and cone spray stream patterns without the need of any special tools. The extended length 52” oil-resistant hose is ideal for pump mobility. 

90 Series Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel Water Pumps (90-G and 90-S): Composed of either galvanized steel or stainless steel, these pump units feature embossed ribbing for added rigidity, a bottom discharge reinforced brace outlet with filter screen, and a large 4” filler opening. These models are designed for maximum comfort with perforated, fully ventilated back rests, heavy duty shoulder straps, and a carrying handle. 

The single-braided flexible 30” hose is oil-resistant and features a combination nozzle, allowing users to change from a straight stream to a cone stream pattern quickly and without the need for any special tools. Replacement parts for these models are available upon request. 
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