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By Taylor Glover 02 Jun, 2016

When it comes to fire extinguishers and commercial fire prevention, everyone knows that it is paramount to have a fire extinguisher, and everyone want to maintain a safe work environment, but few know all of the ins and outs of fire extinguishers. Here are some helpful pieces of knowledge to make sure you choose the right fire extinguishers for your commercial fire prevention needs.  

1.There Are Different Types Of Extinguishers For Different Types Of Fires

There are numerous types of fire extinguishers to meet different commercial fire prevention needs. The needs of an IT business will be different from a commercial kitchen, or a clothing shop, when it comes to putting out fires. Makes sure you have the right kind of fire extinguishers to meet your safety needs, as using the wrong type of extinguisher on the wrong type of fire can make the damage even worse.

2. When Using A Fire Extinguisher, Remember To PASS  

If you are not a fire fighting pro, keeping this acronym in mind will have ready to use fire extinguishers properly in case of any fire-related emergency.

-Pull the pin. Hold the extinguisher with the nozzle pointing away from you and toward the fire. Release the locking mechanism.

-Aim low when you hold the nozzle toward the fire. Point it at the base of the fire.

-Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly.

-Sweep the nozzle from one side to the other to put out the fire.

3. Fire Extinguishers Require Monthly Inspection By A Licensed Fire Protection Company  

Fire extinguishers cannot enable commercial fire prevention when they are old, out of date, or do not work. It is better to discover this early on, than be surprised in the heat of the moment when you find yourself needing to use it.  This is also an NFPA requirement, which involves a monthly 12 point check.

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By Taylor Glover 11 Dec, 2015
Between holiday parties and catered events, this is the busiest time of the year for restaurants. With all the ovens and burners on, multitasking reaches new heights and the potential for accidents is even higher.

A few steps in safety precaution and maintenance can be the difference between your kitchen operating smoothly or being closed for repairs.

Universal Fire Equipment Company is dedicated to serving businesses with reliable safety measures for fire suppression. We use the top products in the industry, such as Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems ‚Äč, R-102™ Fire Suppression Systems   and   Ansul Piranha® Fire Suppression Systems .

As a locally owned and operated business, we aim to exceed expectations and establish a reputation for providing a safer environment for businesses. As a business owner, there are a number of fields you must be experts in. We are here to be your fire and safety experts and our professional service and workmanship will help you to achieve your safety goals and comply with state laws and federal regulations.

When it comes to life and building safety, Universal Fire Equipment Company offers the best in the industry. Read more at .

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By Brittany Guyton 12 Nov, 2015
Fire suppression equipment are vital in fire prevention, especially for such industries as broadcasting, data processing, telecommunication, banking and healthcare.

Universal Fire Equipment provides clean-agent fire suppression services, helping to protect your business and minimize damage and loss.

For efficient and effective fire fighting equipment, contact Universal Fire Equipment Co in the River Valley area.
By Brittany Guyton 20 Oct, 2015
A fire extinguisher, fire alarms and fire alarm detection equipment are key to maintaining personal safety. A high quality fire hose nozzle is also critical equipment in fire fighting. A reputable supplier of well designed and functional equipment can provide the user with comfort and peace of mind.

Universal Fire Equipment Co. can help you with you fire alarm, fire detection and fire extinguisher equipment. Give us a call today!
By Brittany Guyton 16 Oct, 2015
Fire alarm and automatic fire alarm detection systems detect, and warn building occupants of a fire situation. Fire can cause real damages and it is vital for businesses to keep the fire hose nozzle of a fire extinguisher in good condition for quick fire suppression. We have the best fire detection equipments for businesses.

Universal Fire Equipment Co specializes in these areas. Give us a call today!

By Amber Kruth 12 Oct, 2015

At Universal Fire Equipment Company we realize that having accurate and accessible information is of the utmost importance. Our comprehensive reporting is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With our user-friendly inspection portal, your records are securely backed-up, archived and stored off-site. The user portal allows you to view your reports, download to add to your records and print or email to share with your business partners.

As an added protection, the information is securely encrypted so your inspection data is only available to you.

The online intelligent reporting system provides the most current status on your system. This allows for easy detection of any failed devices and we can quickly retrieve information required to creating timely solutions.

Our priority is to keep your fire security and life security systems fully operational and in compliance with regulatory standards.

By Brittany Guyton 29 Jul, 2015
"Go ye to the graves and decorate,
Place flags for boys who have died;
Kneel down and say prayers for your loved ones,
But know they're still by your side!"
—Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, "Memorial Day—1945"

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By Brittany Guyton 29 Jul, 2015
Is your home equipped with a fire extinguisher for emergencies? You just never know. If not, call Universal Fire Equipment and let us provide you with one.
By Brittany Guyton 29 Jul, 2015
Our priority is and always will be you. We aim to please and will do what we can to ensure you're satisfied with our fire equipment.
By Brittany Guyton 29 Jul, 2015
Our subsidiary, Timbes Fire & Safety, offers many different training courses and orientations. Learn more here:
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